Site Unavailable

We are currently experiencing an issue where our site is not reachable. Our engineers are working on resolving this ASAP. 

Site Issue

We are having a slight server issue. Our team is working to resolve this. 

Update: The issue is now resolved. 

Site Maintenance

Our site will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this evening at 11:30 PM EST. This is expected to take 5-15 minutes. 

Site Issue

We are currently having an issue with traffic to our site. Our team is working to resolve this. 

Video Encoding Issues

We are currently having a small issue encoding videos. Our team is working on resolving this issue. 

Connectivity Issues (US East Coast)

Some users on the US east coast are experiencing issues connecting to We are working to resolve this issues. 

Update: This issue has been resolved. US East traffic should no longer have issues accessing

Connectivity Issue

Dotsub experienced a brief outage at 6:15 pm EDT today. This issue has been resolved and we are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Server Maintenance Completed

Our maintenance has been completed. 

Site Maintenance

This evening at midnight EST Dotsub will be upgrading several servers. This will take approximately 1 hour. We will post updates as the work progresses.  

US East Access

We had a small issue that caused some routing issues in the US East. This has now been resolved.